Full2SMS (F2S) Lifafa Service

Digital wallet is good for send/receive small amount in daily life. You can share wallet money with your relatives, friends and beloved. If someone needs urgent money then your Digital wallet is always ready for them. But, hey now you can send money from your Digital wallet in new way. You just loved it!

Lifafa payout service is used to transfer payment Digital wallet number directly to from our website using this website in India.

Yes, Full2SMS (F2S) has added a new feature Full2SMS (F2S) Lifafa. This Lifafa is hindi name of Post Card.

The main purpose of starting Lifafa is that you can send money to your relatives or friends in a special occasions like festivals, birthday wishes or else.

Go To Create Lifafa

We are Provide a 3 kind of LifafaTypes

You can use also access code OR password on your Lifafa for make secure.

Normal Lifafa

"Normal" Lifafa is now ready for create .

YouTube Video Watch

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Telegram Subscribe Channel

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What is a Full2SMS Lifafa Service?

Easily Full2SMS wallet fund Transfer Digital wallet users wallet via lifafa link.

How To use Full2SMS Lifafa Service?

You can easily Lifafa Service to send Fund Digital wallet users wallet using digital lifafa. Instant Payment Transfer.

1. Click here link to Sign-in OR Sign-up to your Full2SMS account.

2. Go to Lifafa Create page

3. Enter the Lifafa details.

4. Select the 'Lifafa Security'.

5. Select the 'Lifafa Type'.

6. Select the 'Lifafa Theme'.

7. Now click 'Create Lifafa'.

8. Now you can share your Lifafa link to claimers.